Mansfield Park

For some unknown reason, M.P. has usually received a bad rap among Austen fans.  “It’s too dull.  Fanny and Edmund are boring as a heroine and hero.”  In my mind, nothing could be further from the truth.  M.P., I think, is Austen’s most mature novel.  It really explores the human mind and displays the differences between good and bad.  M.P. is also an entertaining read.  From the private theater to the visit to Sotherton to the deep discussions between the main characters and Fanny’s come-out ball I am never bored.  M.P. is perhaps not as entertaining as Pride and Prejudice; as light-hearted as Northanger Abbey; as sparkling as Emma; as satisfying as Sense and Sensibility; or as tender and romantic as Persuasion, it still ranks (in my thinking) as one of the top three of Austen’s works.

Fanny is a very interesting character.  In her own quiet way, she is the strongest of all the characters.  She refuses to act and doesn’t get carried away by the charm and good looks of Henry Crawford.  She is intelligent, understanding, and full of many other good qualities.  Fanny may not be the liveliest Austen heroine, but besides Anne Elliot, she is probably the most mature of all heroines.

Edmund is not boring and dull.  He has lots of good character traits even though he is led somewhat astray by Mary Crawford.  Edmund and Fanny understand each other very well, and it’s easy to tell why they are attracted to each other.

Thus ends my post.  Sorry for ranting, but I just can’t understand people when they say that M.P. is boring and dull.  Have a good day and please tell me what you think about M.P.