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Welcome to my Jane Austen blog.  I really like Jane Austen’s works and after a long and arduous battle I was finally able to start one.  My parents told me that if I wanted one I had to write a persuasive argument to persuade them to let me have one.  I won the argument and in case you’re interested here’s my argument.

Why I Want A Jane Austen Blog

Ever since I became interested in Jane Austen, I’ve wanted a Jane Austen blog.  Since I am prevented from having one and I’ve begged for one, I’ve been told to write a persuasive argument defending my point of view.  If I win the argument, I get to start a Jane Austen blog.  Therefore, I will be using all my talents.  However, if I lose the argument, I will accept defeat as gracefully as possible.

My first reason for wanting a Jane Austen blog is this:  I believe that certain members of my family are becoming irritated with my incessant talking about Jane Austen. When you are the only Janeite in a large family and have no Janeite friends, you have to tell someone.  And the only people I really have to talk to are my family.  I know that I have my book blog to tell people but I don’t want to flood my book blog with Jane Austen posts (more of that later).  So I believe that having a blog devoted solely to Jane Austen will help me curb my Jane Austen talking tendencies at home.

Secondly, I want to share my love of Jane Austen’s novels, films, and other such things with a truly interested audience.  Most of the followers of my book blog have book blogs of their own – not Jane Austen blogs.  I want to connect with bloggers that have Jane Austen blogs of their own, that would truly appreciate my Janeite efforts.  A Jane Austen blog would allow me to do that.

My third reason for wanting a Jane Austen blog is that many of my blogging friends have wonderful Jane Austen blogs.  I’ve been following their blogs for several months and I’ve gotten a good idea about what a Jane Austen blog should be like.  One of the reasons that I’ve been wanting a Jane Austen blog so much is that I’ve seen what other people can do and I’ve wanted to follow in their footsteps so to speak.  I will not copy other people’s ideas but instead use my own talents to make an attractive and interesting blog.

My fourth reason is this: Over time I have collected quite a few Jane Austen film photos over time.  I don’t want to glut up my book blog with them (though I have been posting quite a few lately).  If I had a Jane Austen blog, I could share as many of them (within reason) as I wanted.  Plus the scrapbooking pages I make up.

My final reason is that I want my book blog to stay primarily a book blog.  I want my book blog to stay a book blog and if I had a Jane Austen blog I could post all my Jane Austen related writing there instead of on my book blog.  I want them to be separate.  If I had a Jane Austen blog I would transfer all my Jane Austen posts off of my book blog, all my Jane Austen sidebar content off of my book blog and my book blog would once again be just a book blog.

To review, here are the five reasons why I want a Jane Austen blog.

  1. I think that I irritate at least some of the family members with my incessant talking about Jane Austen so if I can write about her and her works all the time on my blog I probably wouldn’t talk so much about her at home.
  2. I want to share my love of all things Austen with the blogging world.
  3. Most of my blogging friends have Jane Austen blogs and I would like to have a blog like they do because I think their blogs are really interesting.
  4. I’ve collected quite a few Jane Austen film photos and I don’t want to swamp my book blog readers with them.
  5. I want my book blog to stay (primarily) a book blog.

In conclusion, I would just like to add that I know I will be able to run three blogs at once (my book blog, my writing blog, and my Jane Austen blog.) no problem.  Once I get my Jane Austen blog just so in matters of style and format, I will just have to worry about finding material for my posts.  And I’ll have no trouble there.

P.S.  The reason that there are posts before this one is because I imported lots of posts from my book blog which used to have lots of Jane Austen posts on it.