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I received this soundtrack in the mail yesterday and I love all the music in it.  I watched P and P 2005 today and I paid more attention to the music this time.  Here are my thoughts on every track.

Dawn – This tune is first played when Lizzy is walking along, reading a book, at the beginning of the film.  It sets the mood for the whole movie and is very beautiful.

Stars and Butterflies – We first hear this tune just after Lizzy and Jane are discussing Mr. Bingley.  It is a soft and lovely tune.

The Living Sculptures of Pemberly –  This tune is heard when Lizzy is walking through the sculpture gallery at Pemberly.  It is haunting and moving.

Meryton Town Hall – I love this tune.  It’s so cheerful, fast paced, and lively.  It is played in the Meryton town hall when we first see the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy.

The Militia Marches In – This tune is definitely military with fifes and drums.  I don’t like it very much, but my brothers do, so I don’t skip it.

Georgiana – Besides Meryton Town Hall, this is my favorite.  The first half of this track is played by Georgiana just before she is introduced to Lizzy.  The second half is more complicated and is played when Bingley and Darcy are rehearsing his proposal to Jane (I love that scene).  

Arrival at Netherfield – This tune starts out quite slow but then quickens up with a delightful tune.  It is heard when everyone is arriving at Netherfield for the ball.  I enjoy listening to it.

A Postcard to Henry Purcell – The slow tune that Lizzy and Darcy dance to is haunting and melancholy.  It starts out quiet but by the end it is full and rich.

Liz On Top of the World – Every time I listen to this, it sends chills up and down my spine – especially when the music reaches its climax.  It is played in full when Lizzy is on a high cliff.  The view is spectacular.  

Leaving Netherfield – This tune is not as big a favorite as some – mostly because of its sad tone.  It is played when the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy are leaving Netherfield.

The Secret Life of Daydreams – A idyllic and beautiful tune.  I love how it perfectly captures what is happening on the screen – Lizzy swinging ’round and ’round.

Darcy’s Letter – After such a quiet and relaxing tune as T.S.L.O.D. I was quite unprepared for this fast paced music.  At least it starts out fast paced.  Then it becomes haunting and sad.

Can’t Slow Down – This tune is danced to by Darcy and Caroline at the Netherfield Ball.  True to its name, it speeds up and ends abruptly.

Your Hands Are Cold – I love this tune.  I can practically see Darcy walking out of the mists…

Mrs. Darcy – Loveliness itself…

Credits – A fuller rendition of The Living Sculptures of Pemberly.

Another Dance – The reason I included this last is because it was finally cut from the film.  It is a very lively and cheerful tune. 

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