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The Jane Austen Handbook

Author: Margaret C. Sullivan

Genre: Advice

My rating on a 1 – 10 scale: 10

Type: Non-fiction

Time Period: Regency

Main Characters: None

My Review:  The Jane Austen Handbook is a wonderful read for Jane Austen enthusiasts.  It contains practical information on everything from declining an unwanted proposal of marriage to throwing a dinner party to calling cards.  What makes this book so interesting to read is that every tip or hint is a veiled reference to a Jane Austen novel.  For instance…

On the topic of how to maintain a secret engagement on of the tips is this:  “Do not hesitate to let other young ladies in on your secret if they seem to be showing to much interest in your fiancee.  Make sure you secure a promise for secrecy.”  Lucy Steele from Sense and Sensibility through and through.

My overall opinion:  A lovely, compact book that you will love to go over again and again.