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I decided to re-do my review of Emma 2009 using my new format.  Hope you enjoy it.

Accuracy to the book:  Since this Emma adaption is a miniseries, it follows the book to a T, but without being long-winded (as I heard the old miniseries was).  It’s a perfect adaption.  I think Miss Bates wasn’t portrayed quite as accurately as she could have been but she was still good.

Costumes:  I love the costumes in this film – especially Emma’s.  They are so beautiful and well-made.  This is my favorite Emma costume.  It seems to be made out of blue satiny material, with two brown/gold stripes down the middle and a ribbon around the waist.

Harriet’s clothing mimics Emma’s in some scenes.  I like it.

Mrs. Elton’s gowns are always very gaudy and not very nice.  They reflect her vulgar character.

The other character’s costumes are very well done.  I like Jane’s gowns very much indeed.

Scenery/Sets:  The scenery was very nice and pretty in this film.  Box Hill was beautiful and Highbury and the countryside were also lovely.  And then…the seaside…

The sets were bright and cheerful.  My favorite was the Crown Ball.  Very beautiful and to quote Miss Bates – “Nothing less than fairyland”

Music:  How can I describe the music?  It’s so wonderful and beautiful.  I find myself humming the opening music all the time and The Last Dance is indescribable.                


The Characters:

Emma – Romola Garai plays Emma very well.  Next to Gwenyth, she’s my favorite Emma.  At the beginning of the film she was very annoying (but I suppose Emma is supposed to be like that).

Mr. Knightly – Johnny Lee Miller plays an exceptional Mr. Knightly.  He’s my favorite Mr. Knightly.  I loved his delivery of the “If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more” line.

The other characters were well played also.  Almost everyone from this miniseries is my favorite of all the Emmas – Mr. Woodhouse, Miss Bates, Mr. Elton, Robert Martin, Harriet Smith

My final thoughts:  This is one of my favorite Jane Austen adaptions.  I would give it five out of five stars.