I have created the Helpful Blogger Award with one special person in mind – Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Elegance of Fashion.  Elizabeth is so sweet and helpful.  She’s written two guest posts for me when I asked her and she also created a banner featuring Elizabeth Bennet from P and P 2005 at my request.

Here are the rules of this blog award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you in your award post.
  • Post three helpful things you’ve done.
  • Nominate another three other bloggers for the award and go to their site and tell them you did it.

Here are the five helpful things I’ve done:

  • Made breakfast (coffeecake) for my family.
  • Held our cranky baby for indeterminate periods of time.
  • Become a guest poster on a blog – the blog is no longer ‘alive’ but I did keep it going for awhile.

Here are the bloggers I nominate: