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Accuracy to the book:  Sense and Sensibility cut out some of the minor characters in the book – Lady Middleton, her children, and Ann (Nancy) Steele.  However, these characters are not missed very much as they did not add too much to the story.

The scenes in the movie do not feel rushed and flow naturally into each other.  There are a few invented scenes – Edward and Margaret sword fighting, Edward almost telling Elinor about his secret engagement, and Marianne in the driving rain looking down on Allenham.

In some cases, the movie almost follows the book but not quite.  For instance: In the book, Elinor runs out of the room in tears.  In the movie, she slumps down into a chair and then Edward proposes (so romantic…)  These instances, IMHO, add to the story instead of taking away from it.

Overall, the film follows the book closely in some areas and deviates in others.

Costumes:  I love the costumes in this film – especially Elinor’s.  The dress she is wearing in the above picture is simple but it’s one of my favorites.  I also like the ball gowns she and Marianne wear (although they are a bit too low).

The costumes are very well done and I like them all.

Scenery/Sets:  The scenery is, at times, truly breathtaking and magnificent.

The sets are very realistic and are (I believe) true to the period.

Music:  Patrick Doyle did an amazing job on the music.  My two favorites are ‘Throw the Coins and ‘My Father’s Favorite’, two amazing tunes.  You can listen to TTC here and MFF here.

‘Throw the Coins’ is my favorite piece of music – period.  ‘The Last Dance’ from Emma comes right after it.

The Characters:

Elinor Dashwood – Emma Thompson may have been too old for the role of Elinor (in the script they changed Elinor’s age to 27 so that she would be closer to Emma’s actual age) but I can’t imagine Elinor any other way.  She did a lovely job.

Marianne Dashwood – Kate Winslet did a great job playing Marianne.  She brought out Marianne’s highly romantic spirit to life wonderfully.  Did you know that she and Emma lived together for awhile to develop real sisterly affections for each other?  I think it worked.

Edward Ferrars – Edward Ferrars may not be my favorite Jane Austen hero, but Hugh Grant is great as Edward.  I liked the scenes between him and Margaret and the ‘Source of the Nile’ conversation.  🙂  And then his bring-me-to-tears-instantly proposal…

Colonel Brandon – Ah, Colonel Brandon.  Probably my favorite Jane Austen hero.  Alan Rickman plays him wonderfully.  This is my favorite Col. Brandon scene.

                         COLONEL BRANDON

                         What can I do?


                         Colonel, you have done so much


                                     COLONEL BRANDON

                         Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood,

                         or I shall run mad. 


                         She would be easier if her mother

                         were here.

The other characters are also well played.  I like Margaret (and her sword fight with Edward), Mrs. Jennings is just the right mixture of vulgarity and kindness, Lucy Steele always makes makes me grit my teeth, and the Palmers always make me laugh.

My overall opinion:  This is my favorite Jane Austen adaption ever, probably because of the lovely ending.  I would highly recommend it to any Janeite.

Here is the trailer.