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Accuracy to the book:  This film is a miniseries so it follows the book closely, often quoting the actual book.  However, it is not boring and long-winded as other P and P miniseries.  

Costumes:  The costumes are very accurate and elegant. 

Elizabeth’s gowns are simple but pretty.  They are usually in neutral tones.  My favorite costume of hers is this one.

Caroline and Louisa(r)’s costumes are very detailed and gaudy with plenty of silks, satins, and feathers.

I like all the costumes in this film.

Scenery/Sets:  There isn’t very much scenery.  What scenery there is, is quite pretty.

The sets are not my favorite, but they do work well in this film.  Sometimes they seem very ‘stagey’.

Music:  The music is my favorite part of this film.  It’s very lively and cheerful and I listen to the soundtrack all the time.

The Characters:

Elizabeth Bennet – I’m sorry, but Jennifer Ehle does not match up to my idea of how Elizabeth should look or act.  Kiera Knightly takes center stage.  She seems to proper to be Elizabeth – Elizabeth is supposed to be lively.  Jennifer does have ‘fine eyes’ and I do like the chemistry she and Colin Firth have in the film.  

Mr. Darcy – Colin Firth isn’t Darcy.  He doesn’t feel like Mr. Darcy.  I think he’s the worst failing of this film.  He just seems to be reciting his lines.  Matthew Macfayden says them like he really means them.

Some of the other characters I like better in this adaption than in the 2005 one – Mr. Bennet, Lydia, Mrs. Gardiner, Georgiana, Mr. Bingley and Wickham.  However, I like Jane, Kitty, Mary, Charlotte, and Lady Catherine better in P and P 2005.

My Overall Opinion:  This is nice adaption of Pride and Prejudice and does full justice to the book.  I still like P and P 2005 better, though.