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I am an unconventional Janeite.  I don’t follow the Janeite ‘norms’.  Let me explain.

For starters, Mansfield Park is my favorite Jane Austen novel.  Not many Janeites like Mansfield Park the best of all her novels.  They prefer lighter works such as Emma or Pride and Prejudice.  I like Mansfield Park because of its complexity and richness.  It has an intricate plot and a ‘different’ heroine – one who is not lively and adventurous, but rather shy and quiet.

Another point is that I LOVE Pride and Prejudice 2005 and I dislike Pride and Prejudice 1995.  And I think that Colin Firth striding out of the lake is just silly.  Jane Austen didn’t put that in Pride and Prejudice.  “What!” you might be saying at this moment.  “She doesn’t admire and revere the sacred 1995 adaption that every other Janeite does?  She must not be a Janeite!”  I assure you in the most animated terms that I am a fervent Janeite.  I just don’t like Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle as Darcy and Elizabeth.

I must say that I enjoy being unconventional.  I don’t like to fit into what everyone thinks a Janeite must be.  “Must adore Colin Firth’s Darcy.  Pride and Prejudice has to be her favorite novel.”  And on and on.

When I watched Emma 2009, I didn’t want to be conventional and say that it is my favorite adaption of Emma so I tried to convince myself that I like the 1996 adaption better.  However, I am now ready to admit that I love that adaption and always will.

Are you conventional or not?  Please comment and let me know your thoughts on my ramblings.  (And I won’t hold it against you if you happen to prefer Pride and Prejudice 1995 over every other adaption.)