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Today I will be having an unscramble game.  Here’s how it works: All the words are something that to do with Jane Austen’s novels – they can be people, places, or things.  Once you’ve unscrambled all that you can, send me an e-mail at kraftyhorselover@hotmail.com.  I will send you an e-mail back telling your score.  You can get two points for each correctly unscrambled word.  The total number of points possible is 36.  Have fun!  I’ll be posting the answers and the scores on the 18th.  I hope I haven’t made them too difficult.

List of words

  • Dlannor Prak
  • Drawde Rarrefs
  • Ywllioghub
  • Buornlong
  • Oracnile Nibgley
  • Bmeplyer
  • Jluia Rebtarm
  • Psrotthoum
  • Namsdleif Prak
  • Rrietah Sthim
  • Dwonllew Babey
  • Sism Tabes
  • Thicgo Nvoles
  • Nerhy Tlinye
  • Hojn Prothe
  • Lizbaeth Lliote
  • Chnyllek Lalh
  • Btha

Heroine of the Day – Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is one of the best-loved heroines of literature.  Her liveliness and wit appeals to everyone.  She doesn’t bow to the social expectations of her day.  She refuses two proposals of marriage- both of which would have given her a comfortable home.  Elizabeth Bennet is a true heroine.