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Here are my answers to the tag questions I posted earlier this week.

What, to you, defines a Jane Austen heroine?

Miss Elizabeth Bennet wrote an excellent guest post on this subject.  I would say that a sweet temper and a willingness to help others in need is one of the main characteristics of an Austen heroine.

Which Austen heroine is your favorite?

Emma Woodhouse.  Even though she’s pretty irritating during the first part of the book, she is still my favorite.  I enjoy watching her make mistakes, and then try to resolve them.

What is the quality you like best about her?

Despite being meddling, Emma has a kind heart.  She is very kind to Harriet and after she snubs Miss Bates, tries hard to make things right.

Which actress plays your favorite best?

My favorite portrayal is Gwenyth’s but Romola Garia runs a close second.  Romola seems a little too modern for my taste, while Gwenyth is perfect.

Who is your favorite secondary heroine, (e.g. Jane Bennet, Jane Fairfax, Mary Crawford)?

Jane Bennet.

Which actress plays your favorite secondary heroine the best?

I prefer Rosamund Pike’s portrayal of Jane over Susannah Harker’s.  

If you could have tea with a Jane Austen heroine or secondary heroine, who would you want to meet and why?

I think Fanny Price would be interesting to talk to.  I would really like to know more about her.

Who is your least favorite Jane Austen heroine?

Anne Elliot.  Even though Anne has many wonderful qualities, she is my least favorite heroine.  I still like her, but she’s not my favorite.

Why is she your least favorite?

I don’t really relate to her but I can’t really pinpoint the exact reason.

What is your favorite Jane Austen heroine quote?

“I dearly love a laugh.”  (Everyone can guess who said that :))


Heroine of the Day – Anne Elliot

Anne Elliot is a kind and steadfast heroine.  She is the oldest of all Austen heroines.  Even though Anne is not my favorite heroine, she does have some first-rate qualities.  Anne is not snobbish like her father and sister, and to some extent, Lady Russell.  She very much deserved to marry Capt. Wentworth.