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Jane Austen Heroine Week has been a big success (IMHO).  This post will look back over all the posts that have come up this week.

Day 1:  I started up a fan-fiction contest and a little blog award draw.  Congratulations to Jill!  She won the blog award draw.  Thank you to the other seven bloggers who entered.  I will be posting all the fan-fiction entries I received later on and I’ll put up a poll so you can vote on your favorite.

Poll Results:  Emma Thompson received 16 votes.  Hattie Morahan received 4.

Day 2:  I posted a set of tag questions.  Thanks to all who answered them.

Poll Results: Kate Winslet received 15 votes.  Charity Wakefield received 2.

Day 3:  On day three I posted a set of words to unscramble.  Here are the scores.

  • Miss Laurie –  36
  • Lydia Foster – 22
  • Elizabeth Bennet – 32

Poll Results:  Jennifer Ehle received 15 votes.  Kiera Knightley received 8.

Day 4:  Day four was two wonderful guest posts by two wonderful bloggers.

Poll Results: Sylvestra Le Touzel received 4 votes; Frances O’ Conner, 7; Billie Piper, 7.

Day 5:  I posted the results of a Jane Austen Heroine Quiz and talked about my favorite heroines.

Poll Results: Gwenyth Paltrow received 8 votes.  Romola Garia received 7.

Day 6:  On day six, I posted my tag answers.  I had a lot of fun!

Poll Results:  Amanda Root received 5 votes.  Sally Hawkins received 2.

Day 7:  I started up a great giveaway for a P and P 2005 soundtrack.  I highly suggest you check it out.

Poll Results:  Margaret Dashwood, 6; Charlotte Lucas, 2; Jane Bennet, 8; Georgiana Darcy, 4; Mary Crawford, 1; Harriet Smith, 2; Jane Fairfax, 5; Eleanor Tilney, 4.

Please take a little time to complete a survey about JAHW.