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I just want to say right away that this is the BEST version of Pride and Prejudice.  Period.  And if you don’t agree with me, we’ll just agree to disagree.  🙂  Now that I got that off my chest, we can go onto the review, can’t we?

Accuracy to the book:  Many Jane Austen fans view this movie as an interpretation of the book, rather than an adaption.  I view it as an adaption.  Several things have to be cut, of course, to fit the book into two hours, but it’s done well.  The film doesn’t feel rushed for time, as other Austen adaptions do (Emma 1996 for one).  And if you have a problem with watching three minutes of Lizzy swinging, the director put that in to give the audience a little time to catch their breath before the film turned a bit dark.  By the way, if you think Mr. Darcy striding out of the mists is far-fetched, what about Mr. Darcy striding out of a lake in a wet shirt?

Costumes:  The costumes in this film are quite basic especially Lizzy’s.  The waists are a bit lower than typical Regency styles, but the movie is set in early Regency.  I love, love, love Lizzy’s Netherfield ball gown.

The Bennet girl’s gowns are really nice, especially Jane’s.  Lizzy wears a certain brown vest over a white blouse which looks very modern and not at all Regency.  Any information on that?

Scenery/Sets:  The cinematography in this film is absolutely breathtaking.

The sets may not be completely acurate to the time period, but Pemberly is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Music:  The musical score is wonderful.  I own the CD and listen to it all the time.  Check out my review of it here and the giveaway for it here.

The Characters:

Elizabeth Bennet – Kiera Knightly does a fabulous job playing Lizzy with her fine eyes, light and pleasing figure, and energy.  She really makes the movie.

Mr. Darcy – Matthew Macfayden also does an excellent job.  He portrays Darcy’s shyness as well as his pride.  When I first watched this film, I didn’t like him as Darcy very much, but he grew on me.

The other characters are all, for the most part, well played.  Jane is perfection (much prettier than the ’95’s Jane), as are all the Bennet sisters.  Caroline is cold and haughty but Mr. Bingley is NOT my idea of Mr. Bingley.  I like Mr. Wickham better in the ’95 version.  However, most of the characters are better in the ’05 adaption than the ’95 one.

My Overall Opinion:  This is a great adaption of Pride and Prejudice and I highly recommend you watch it.  Now all you die-hard ’95 adaption fans, despise me if you dare.

Here’s the trailer.