Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth’s Brown Day Dress

Elizabeth wears her brown day dress several times during the film.  The very first scene in the film, when Mr. Collins arrives, when Mr. Collins proposes, I think she wears it when her aunt and uncle are talking about visiting Pemberly, when the Bennets are having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Wickham, and when they learn that Mr. Bingley is coming back (although it’s mostly covered by a shawl).  I think Lizzy really likes that gown.

Front View:  The front of this dress is quite simple.  It seems to be a little lower than the typical Regency waist, but this film was set in early Regency.  The neckline is quite low, which I believe was only reserved for evening gowns.  There are very small pleats around the neck line.  There’s a brown satin ribbon along the waist.


Side View:  The sleeves of this dress are pretty basic and ordinary. 

Back View:  The back of this gown is also quite basic.  The back is not very low.


Elizabeth’s Green Day Dress

Elizabeth wears this dress to the Meryton Assembly and at Rosings.  It is probably one of the nicest gowns she owns because she wears it to two special events.

Front View:  This gown is a nice green shade.  It has a thick cloth ribbon along the front.  Again, the waist is much lower than typical Regency fashions.

 Note:  If you look closely, you can see decorative trim around the neckline and a small bow.  The bow might not be so easy to spot.


Side View:  The sleeves, once again, look quite basic.  I think Lizzy favours simple gowns.

Back View:  The back looks quite simple.  You can see that the decorative trimming continues all around the neckline.  There are two seams that go from the side of the sleeve seam to the back.

Elizabeth’s Blue Dress

Elizabeth wears her blue gown several times through the course of the film – when Jane receives the invitation to Netherfield, when she visits with Charlotte, when she talks to Jane after she returns home, and when she’s in Mrs. Bennet’s bedroom after Lydia has eloped.

Front View:  This gown has a low, V-neck.  The style is almost identical to her other dresses.

Side View:  This dress is simple with clean lines.


Back View:  It looks as though the back of this gown may have a light V shape down the back although I could be mistaken,

Elizabeth’s Grey Dress

Elizabeth wears her grey dress in only two scene – her arrival at Netherfield to look after Jane while she is ill and her verbal sparring with Mr. Darcy at Netherfield.

Front View:  The front of the dress is quite low, with small lace running around the neckline and a small bow at the front.


Side View:  The sleeves are full-length with stripes running down them.


Back View:  It is almost impossible to see in the picture, but I noticed two buttons along the back.  I believe these hold up a small amount of cloth because if you look closely, it seems as though there is a small bunching up of cloth at the back.


Elizabeth’s White Blouse/Tan Vest

These clothes seem very modern to me.  I don’t think they were worn in the Regency period.  Elizabeth wears it when she meets Wickham, when she learns of Charlotte’s engagement to Mr. Collins, and the day Mr. Bingley proposes.  Even though it isn’t accurate to the period, I like it.

Front View:  The collar is open quite a bit on the blouse and buttons are all down the front of the vest.

Side View:  The sleeves are pleated in various places.


Back View:  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a photo of the back.

Elizabeth’s Netherfield Ball Gown

Lizzy only wears this stunning dress once – the Netherfield Ball.  I love this dress.

Front View:  This gown is very low.  The neckline is bordered with thin, gauzy, lacy material.  The bodice seems to wrap around both ways.

Side View:  The sleeves are short and very slightly puffed, hardly noticeable.


Back View:  A V shape of lace goes down the back of the bodice.


Elizabeth’s White/Brown Striped Gown

Elizabeth wears this gown only once – her famous visit to Pemberly.  It coincides well with all the white marble statues she looks at.

Front View:  This dress has the same bodice pattern as the Netherfield Ball gown.  It has a V-neck.

Side View:  The sleeves are long and basic.

Back View:  Down the middle of the back, there are dark brown darts.  Across from the darts on either side are zigzag patterns.

Thus concludes my study of Lizzy’s gowns.  Tell me what you think.


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