Jane Bennet

I’m not doing the other Bennet sisters because it would take to long and they aren’t main characters.  Jane is a minor character but an important one.

Jane’s Blue Gown

Jane wears this gown three times.  When the Bennets are discussing Mr. Bingley and when she and Lizzy are talking after she returns from Hunsford, and when they learn that Lydia will be married.  It’s a pretty gown and suits her very well.

Overview:  This is a gown that suits Jane well.  There’s a brown scarf or piece of cloth that goes underneath the dress.  The dress itself is a light blue color that complements Jane’s fair complexion.  It has a band of blue material along the front.


Jane’s Blue Pelisse

Jane wears this pelisse several times through the course of the film – her arrival at Netherfield, meeting Mr. Wickham, leaving Longbourn for London, and when they learn Mr. Bingley is coming back.

Overview:  This pelisse is a lovely shade of blue.  It has one button fastening it at the front, and what looks like a ribbon or piece of clothe around the waist.

 Jane’s Pink Gown

Overview:  Jane wears this delightful gown at the Meryton Assembly.  It has short, puffy sleeves and a wide sash around the middle.

 Jane’s Two White Gowns

Overview:  The first gown is worn when Mr. Collins has come to dinner and to the Netherfield Ball.  It has a scoop neck and short puffy sleeves with a band of light grey cloth around the waist.

The second gown is worn on the day Mr. Bingley proposes.  It has mid-length sleeves with a V-shaped neck.  It is ‘very beautiful’.

 Jane’s Cream-colored Gown

Overview:  Jane wears this gown once – when the family is having dinner with the Wickhams.  It is a pinkish/cream color.


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