Elinor Dashwood

Elinor’s Navy Blue Gown

Elinor wears this simple, yet elegant dress on several occasions – her very first scene when she comforts her mother, when she watches Edward and Margaret sword fight, the little shawl scene between her and Edward, when Edward almost tells her of his engagement, the day after Willoughby rescues Marianne, when Colonel Brandon first comes to visit them in London, when Marianne receives the dreadful letter from Willoughby, when Marianne learns of Edward’s engagement, when Colonel Brandon tells her of his offer, when they arrive at the Palmer’s house, and when she and Marianne talk on the hill.

Front View:  This gown has a puckered bodice and skirt.  There is a gauzy scarf around the neckline as with all of the gowns worn by the women in this film.  The sleeves are full-length.

Side View:  The sleeves are slightly puckered, especially near the top.

Back View:  The back is simple and has no extra ornamentations.


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